Posthuman Electronic Literature

An online exhibition with a projection exhibition component focused on electronic literature and media art that addresses posthumanism will be featured both during ELO Conference and SLSAeu Conference at the University of Bergen. Curated by Joseph Tabbi, Scott Rettberg, Jason Nelson, Eamon O’Kane. Visit the online exhibition. Read the curatorial statement.


Along with the SLSAeu 2021 Conference, another forum for sustained response, onsite or in publishable, written form, will be the Art Exhibition that is being installed at the Bergen Faculty of Fine Arts, Music, and Design. Like the conference papers, these creative works will address intersections of literature and aesthetics in posthuman contexts. Conference participants will be encouraged to select specific works for analysis. Following review by the conference Scientific Committee, these analyses can be published on the Electronic Literature Directory and the ELMCIP Knowledge Base.


The exhibition is being co-organized with the 2021 Electronic Literature Organization conference and festival: Platform (Post?) Pandemic. Online opening (Zoom): Saturday, March 6th at 6PM CET (noon EST, 9AM PST). Register in advance for this meeting.

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